Indoor Air Quality Testing for Healthcare & Nursing Facilities

hospital-air-quality-testing-2-340x226Air Quality Solutions provides specialized air quality testing and monitoring services geared to the health care sector.  The indoor air quality within a health care, care home and nursing facility plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.  Pollutants and airborne bacteria can have a major impact on health, particularly when an individual is vulnerable due to illness, infection, or pre-existing health conditions.

According to a recent study, health care and nursing home facilities have to pay particular care and attention to indoor air concerns. People with pre-existing health problems who are going through treatment, and those who may have depressed immune systems are very susceptible to indoor air exposures. The study goes on to address the fact that there are three key factors that make attention to indoor air quality particularly important in health care settings; 1) Patients at risk: health care and nursing home facilities house many persons with heightened susceptibility to infections, respiratory distress, and other problems associated with air contaminants. 2) Occupant density: Because the density of people in health care settings is relatively high, at risk patients are likely to be in close proximity to infectious individuals. 3) Aging systems: Many hospitals and nursing home facilities are aging, and their ventilation systems are outdated and in need of maintenance and repair.

Let Air Quality Solutions help you create a safer and healthier environment for patients, clients, visitors and staff.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently called Indoor Air Quality one of the most important environmental health problems around today.  Indoor air quality problems are generally caused by two circumstances: poor or inadequate ventilation, and exposure to one or more contaminant sources in the building.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 2 million patients a year acquire infections in hospitals while they are hospitalized for other health problems.  Air Quality Solutions can help you minimize the risks involved with poor indoor air quality within a health care environment.

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