10 Unusual Allergies


January 18, 2016

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10 Unusual Allergies

Cats, dogs, trees, grass, peanuts and eggs are all things we would expect people to be allergic too. While it is still unclear as to what causes allergies, other than the theory that our ancestors mated with Neanderthals, we do know that allergies are quite common and even more so now than  years ago. An estimated 20% to 25% of Canadians suffer from allergies to dust, pollen or dander.  In addition one in every 13 kids is said to have a severe food allergy, to milk, shellfish, nuts and wheat.  Here is a list of 10 unusual allergies you may never have even considered.

Some people struggle enough with the well known allergies listed above, but imagine what the people struggling with these allergies are going through. Not only will they struggle with the allergic reactions associated with these things, but they will also have to deal with the judgment and ridicule to go along with it.

1. Sun


The technical name is Photosensitivity. Which can cause rashes, blisters, redness or hives on the skin that can look like a severe sunburn.

2. Cockroaches


Roach waste and bodies can cause a stuffy nose similar to that of hay fever, rashes from touching a surface that roaches have come into contact with and asthma attacks. Generally speaking, people who are allergic to shellfish are often allergic to roaches also, because the protein that cause an allergic reaction to shellfish is present in the roaches exoskeleton.

3. The Cold


The technical term is Cold urticaria, which is an allergic reaction causing itching, redness, hives and swelling after exposure to cold weather.

4. Water


Known as Aquagenic urticaria, is and allergic reaction to water. It may cause the skin to break out in a rash whenever it comes in contact with water.  People with a sever allergy can’t drink a glass of water or shower for more than a few minutes without experiencing excruciating pain.

5. Artificial Nails


Some people are allergic to the resins found in acrylic nails which can cause redness and swelling in the nail bed and in severe cases can actually cause your natural nail to fall off.

6. Semen

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20000 to 40000 people are allergic to the proteins present in semen. While semen allergies mostly affect women, men can have it too. Semen allergies create itching, burning and pain in the area in direct contact with the semen.

7. Raw Fruits and Veggies

Known as oral allergy syndrome. People suffering from an allergy to raw fruits and vegetables can experience itching, burning and pain in there throat after ingesting raw fruits and vegetables.

8. Pressure


The technical term is pressure urticaria, which is an allergy to pressure on your body. People who suffer experience irritation, burning, pain and swelling in areas of pressure.  Things like a pair of jeans, leaning against a window and sitting can all cause the reaction.

9. Allergy Medicine


Some allergy sufferers are actually allergic to the dyes and other ingredients found in over the counter allergy medicines causing welts, hives sever swelling and even anaphylaxis.

10. Nickels


Nickels are actually made of mineral nickel, affecting 15% of the population. Those allergic to Nickel may suffer from irritation on the skin or hives as a result of handling the currency.

As unusual as they may seem, these 10 unusual allergies are real. Which may explain why allergy proofing has failed.  Knowing that these allergies do exist, can help in combating some of our own guess work, as well as to be a little more compassionate to those suffering knowing they are not faking it.

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