Clean Air Tips for the Winter Months


November 11, 2015

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Clean Air TipsClean Air Tips for the Winter

The days are upon us to no longer enjoy the fresh air outdoors, but to be cooped up inside until the cold weather leaves can have a negative impact on your health.   So why not ensure that you are experiencing the best indoor air quality possible during the dreadful winter months.   Here are a few clean air tips for the winter to help you ensure the cleanest air possible is circulating through your home. DIY Air Quality checks are always benificial and can yeild fantastic results.


Open Windows – Cleaning products contain a multitude of harmful chemicals that are circulating throughout the air you breathe.  To be safe, be sure to open windows during and after use.

Check Humidity Levels– It is important to keep humidity levels in check, as well as monitoring mold and mildew.  This is especially important in kitchens and bathrooms where higher levels of moisture tend to accumulate throughout the year.

Fan Testing- In order to test the effectiveness of your fan, place a piece of tissue paper near the fan.  If it is drawn back towards the grill and stays there for as long as the fan is on, then your fan is circulating air properly.

Clean Kitchen Air­– The kitchen is a huge source for indoor air pollutants, especially if you own a gas stove.  So it is important to use your exhaust fan to remove any pollutants while preparing and cooking meals.

Dust Regularly– Dust is comprised of dead shed skin and pet dander.  In order to keep away dust mites, it is important to keep dust and debris to a minimum as much as possible.  It is also recommended to wash linens in very hot water and replace pillow cases regularly.

Install Air Purifiers– Sometimes no matter what we do there are always allergens and pollutants lingering throughout our homes.  Installing an air purifier, with a filter designed specifically for allergens can help provide much relief.

So, if you are going to be stuck inside until the frost and cold disappear, at least follow these clean air tips for the winter to ensure you are providing the best quality of air possible for you and your family. By following these helpful tips you and your family can rest assured that if symptoms are experienced, it could be a cold or flu, and not a toxic home.

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