Does Your Pet Have Allergies?


November 11, 2015

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Allergic DogDoes Your Pet Have Allergies?

Did you know that your pets may suffer from allergies just like you?  It’s true.  Symptoms include sneezing and itching and even biting their feet and tail. While a skin analysis to rule out parasites or infections are a simple test.  If they come back with no results it may be a good idea to ask, Does your pet have allergies?


Many people are unaware that animals can be allergic to certain components in their food, such as chicken protein and grains. Your veterinarian can recommend a food that contains a new protein  that your pet has never consumed, such as salmon or kangaroo.  If the problem exists with a food you are eliminating, the skin irritation should disappear with time.  While there are tips to surviving allergies for humans, its not so easy when it comes to your pet.

In order to test for food allergies, you must first eliminate the food that may be the potential source of the reaction. Then testing  the new food consistently for six to eight weeks.  If the skin issue disappears, then it is safe to say your pet has and intolerance to the item you removed from their diet.

If the allergy is not caused by their food, it is likely that your pet is suffering from environmental allergies. Yes, your pet may be allergic to other pet dander’s, grass or even pollen.

Last year I had to take my dog, Baby to the vet as she had developed skin problems.  She was chewing her feet to the point where they would be bleeding and she would be unable to walk, her coat was beginning to get patch and she was itching all the time.  Fearful  that it was due to her age and we would have to put her down,  I was relieved when the vet advised that she may be suffering from an allergy to chicken protein.

With the help of our veterinarian recommending Rabbit, Kangaroo and Salmon diets, I was able to test Baby to see if in fact it was the chicken protein she was allergic too. She has since been on a salmon diet and has returned to her old happy, active, Jack Russell self.

Most animals do not have severe allergies. Does Your Pet Have Allergies? The best advice is that if your animal appears to be itchy, don’t wait until the problem becomes severe before taking them to the vet.  Early detection of allergies, and remembering things that can worsen them can save you a lot of heartache, worry and time.

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