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Fort Erie air quality testingWith 5 locations accross Southern Ontario and a head office location in the Niagara Region, Air Quality Solutions truly are your local Fort Erie air quality testing specialists.  Our certified and accredited group of air quality testing professionals have been helping home and business owners in Fort Erie with all their residential and commercial air quality testing needs for over 22 years. Your health and safety is our main priority and we will work with you to devise an air quality testing plan that is unique to your needs and budget to ensure you are able to protect what’s most important to your: your home, family, business and employees.  Don’t let poor indoor air quality in your Fort Erie home or business impact your productivity and quality of life.  Let our Fort Erie air quality testing experts show you how an investment into professional air quality testing can improve your well being.



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If you are not feeling your best or are experiencing illnesses and/or symptoms and don’t know why, the team of experts at Air Quality Solutions can help. Call us today for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION! One of our indoor air quality specialists will be more than happy to show you how a customized indoor air quality testing plan can help put you on the path towards a safer, healthier indoor environment.

Fort Erie Air Quality Testing


“Air Quality Solutions was amazing to deal with, and very knowledgeable. An appointment was made, and someone was there within a few days. The air quality engineer answered all my questions, explaining everything I needed to know on mold and other airborne contaminants. Great personality, very polite, and more than willing to walk me through the whole process step by step”

Angel  C- Ridgeway, ON.




Fort Erie Air Quality Testing for Dust and Particulates


Fort Erie Indoor Air Testing for Mold


Fort Erie Air Quality Testing for VOC's


Fort Erie Allergens Testing


Fort Erie Air Testing for Formaldehyde


Fort Erie Air Quality Testing for Radon



Air Testing for Asbestos in Fort Erie

Carbon Monoxide

Fort Erie Air Quality Testing for Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide

Air Quality Testing in Fort Erie, ON for CO2

Hazardous Gas

Air Testing in Fort Erie for Hazardous Gases


Fort Erie Air Quality Testing for Comfort Levels

Legionellalegionella testing in Fort Erie


Fort Erie
Air Quality Testing
  • Is your business, office or rental property suffering from poor indoor air quality? If so, we can help. Since 1991, we have worked with countless workplaces and building owners across Ontario to assist with uncovering indoor air quality issues that may be impacting turnover rates, absenteeism and health care costs. No matter what is plaguing your building, our team of experts work with you to devise a customized plan of action. We use state of the art equipment and the industry's best testing standards to quickly and efficiently uncover airborne contaminants that may be health impacting.

Fort Erie
Air Quality Testing
  • Studies show that people spend more time in their homes now than ever before. Furthermore, the air indoors can often be more contaminated than the air we breathe outside. This is why so many homeowners are now choosing to conduct professional air quality testing. Don't trust the air you breathe to just anyone. The health and wellness of your family is invaluable, so choose to work with professionals who are experienced, knowledgeable and accredited. Above all, you need to work with experts who are sensitive to your needs and your budget. Look no further!


Don’t let poor or polluted indoor air quality impact your productivity and comfort!  Let the team of Fort Erie air quality experts at Air Quality Solutions help.  Call today!

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