New Years House Resolutions


January 11, 2016

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New Years House Resolutions

New Years

When one year ends and another begins, so is the time for New Year’s Resolutions. When we promise to eat healthier and exercise more.  Focusing on what we have been doing and what needs to be improved.  It appears we are focusing on our health and finances, but this year I challenge you to focus on your home.  Here are a few New Years House Resolutions you may wish to consider for the 2016 year.  In an effort to be successful in achieving our goals, I promise to not make these resolutions too challenging or ambitious that they are difficult to complete or even begin for that matter.

  1. Paint a Room – Changing the colour of a wall is an inexpensive way to update your homes appearance and signify a fresh start. With low VOC paints, you can easily and transform your home into a new and exciting environment while protecting your homes indoor air quality.
  2. Reduce and Repair Leaks – Outside air entering and conditioned air leaving through cracks and openings in foundation and windows can result in poor air quality, high energy costs and moisture problems. Sealing cracks and openings with weather stripping can help reduce drafts and cold spots reducing energy use and improving comfort levels.   Always remember to change your furnace filter regularly.
  3. Install A Programmable Thermostat – A home owner can cut home heating and cooling costs by approximately $800 annually by installing a programmable thermostat in the home. This is also a very affective way in reducing your energy use, shrink your carbon footprint and save some money at the same time.
  4. Install or Update All Detectors and Extinguishers– Smoke and flames from a fire can be easily spotted, unless it is occurring in an unoccupied area of the house. That is why it’s important to have smoke detectors installed as they can alert you of this danger. If you already have detectors in place, now is a good time to test their batteries as well as ensure that your fire extinguisher is up to date.  Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is created by fuel burning appliances and may become present in the home. Installation of a CO2 detector is a good way to protect the health and welfare of your family.  In the event the alarm sound, it is recommended that you leave the residence and contact your local fire department.
  5. Plants – If you don’t have them already. Now is a good time to consider adding some indoor plants to your home. Indoor plants can improve the indoor air quality as well as  change the atmosphere in a room.Adding plants can increase the oxygen levels in the room as well as purify your indoor air.  Additionally, plants release a high percentage of the water they bring in, increasing the rooms humidity levels.

These are some relatively easy New Years House Resolutions to help you become happier and healthier in your home through the next year.

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