Plants Can Purify Your Indoor Air


November 12, 2015

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plantsPlants Can Purify Your Indoor Air

With the colder temperatures among us, most of us will be avoiding the outdoor climate for the comforts of the warmer indoor air.  But the warmth of the indoors is probably the only benefit to being inside, unless you have plants to purify your indoor air.


As  humans we have a tendency to change our indoor environments regularly.  However, these changes may be doing more harm than good.  A seemingly well put together room for example, can turn into a room full of unwanted odors, giving you the feeling that you are sitting in a locker room in just a few days.  This can have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental health.

As we breathe, we are constantly omitting all types of waste and bacteria into the air.  Our lungs release carbon dioxide while our skin and hair send off volatile chemicals that are toxic to our system.  These two things combined can make any room inhospitable in no time. Additionally, every hour our bodies send off millions of bacteria viruses and spores into the environment.  While these spores and bacteria are suited to be human they can actually live and breed anywhere that is warm and humid.

Trying to determine a way in which to purify indoor air quality can be difficult.  Open windows are the best way, but with allergies on the rise and depending on your living conditions, this may not always be an option.  If you do have an HVAC system, there must be at least three air exchanges per hour to make a difference.  This alone could raise your costs as well as put significant stress on equipment.  Another option is to disinfect.  Hydrogen peroxide can rid you of those bacteria and spores, while air purifying filters can clear the air of any pollutants.

Plants, however, can be both cost effective and extremely helpful.  Plants can purify your indoor air during the day.   In the evening due to photosynthesis, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.  This also increases the humidity levels, which forces the toxins to settle. Plants also have the ability to change the stress levels in an environment.  In addition to the fact that plants can purify your indoor air, plants also have a microbial benefits which can alleviate the feeling of being in a locker room.

Whatever the case may be.  If you are looking to improve your physical or mental health as well as microbial benefits, it is recommended that you bring mother nature indoors.  As plants can purify your indoor air.  Be advised, however, plants are living things.  They require as much attention and have to be given lots of water, nutrients and soil.  If they are not maintained properly, they can become quite ill themselves negatively impacting not only their productivity, but often their lives.

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